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"The How and Why Masterclass Weekend"
Vocal Technique and Performance Mastery


Noon - 4PM
Dog House Studio - Woodland Hills CA





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EARLY BIRD NOW TILL January 31st: $499

REGULAR FEE Feb 1st-Feb 26th: $549

LATE REGISTRATION Feb 27th-March 3rd: $599

“This was one of the best master classes we have had! 


A great balance between advice, counsel,  info and performance coaching.  The addition of “going deep into themselves” via breathing, mindfulness and meditation to help each student find his/her most authentic and powerful self and performance was really appreciated and supported what we teach here at LACM.  WELL DONE, Ken!”



David Joyce, Vocal Department Chair - Los Angeles College of Music Vocal Program

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"Vocal coaching Guru, Ken Stacey, saved my career...Ken is the BOMB!"
Kenny Loggins

"My voice has never been stronger!"
Richard Marx



The cultivation of a M.I.N.D.S.E.T.

Using the power of Vulnerability, Authenticity and Connection to actualize   World Class Performances...every time!





M-ANIFEST your most Authentic self  

I-NTENTIONALIZE your delivery  

N-ORMALIZE a consistent and open posture of Vulnerability 

D-EEPEN the Connection with your audience

S-TORY comes before Glory

E-MPATHY replaces Ego

T-RAIN you attention on your Purpose Driven Performance 


Ready for the World is a 4-hour personalized workshop designed for serious singers who want to unleash their authenticity and set themselves apart!  Ken’s unique approach to vocal performance will guide you to specific ways you can accelerate your growth as a performer, deepen your connection to your audience, and increase the attention of industry gatekeepers, like no other!


Seating is limited, so Ken can focus on each student’s individual needs during the course of the afternoon. Upon enrollment, students must submit a static video of themselves singing to be evaluated in advance of the course. All students receive a video of their final performance at the end of the course.


Course includes:

• 4-hour group class
• 1 final video of your performance
• Participation is a must
























































Master Class Testimonials



"Ken! Thanks so much for yesterday! I had such a fantastic breakthrough at the gig afterwards. I could see the difference with my interaction with the crowd. Being comfortable with the energy I’m bringing was such a great place to come from. This resulted in a full dance floor pretty much all night, singing along with the audience a little bit, making more direct eye contact with them so they felt seen, and even a little banter between songs! The audience was so engaged and responsive. The band leader noticed the shift in energy as well, mentioning it was the best we’ve sounded in a while. Totally owe it to your teaching and the work we did together prior. Thank you so much! "

Jamila Ford



“Thank you thank you thank you Ken!  I had such an unbelievable time yesterday i am still buzzing and radiating from the experience.  This workshop gave me an ability to reconnect with my artistic and creative self; it gave me hope to know that I’m in this industry for the right reasons. Your feedback and advice was clear and precise.  It was the best I felt about singing in a long time.  There are so many incredible tools I can now add to my arsenal thanks to this workshop.”

Katherine Banos



“Thanks once again for a terrific afternoon.  I put my new found knowledge to use this evening while practicing -- wow!  Simply can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom, experiences, and perspectives.”

Ross Dueber



“Thank you so much for an amazing class…This class was exactly what I needed!  Vulnerability is something I’ve struggled with for a long time but this class was just another push in the right direction to help open myself up (and) stay true to my authentic self when I am performing. I loved how we learned that our purpose…should be to tell the message that is on our hearts to our audiences…put our ego aside. It’s so cool how when you connect more to the song, your vocals sound a lot better because you’re not thinking about it as much. Overall, it was such a positive class and I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it!”

Kristen Schalk



“I’m a singer whose primary focus in my career and training has been very technical, and frequently to "sing big." Although both are important and fun elements, I've always felt that I could bring my performance to the next level by letting go of some of that on a mental level and learning how to truly feel the song on a deeper level. When I learned about Ken Stacey's masterclass, I knew this could be something to help me get closer to that deeper connection. He created such a safe space for all of us, and encouraged us to be in the moment and allow ourselves to open up emotionally. It was a space where we could let go of what we "think" we're supposed to do, and focus on what's really happening in us and in the song. And, lo and behold, it often created a stronger vocal performance too! Seeing the "before and after" of our songs was eye-opening. Thank you to Ken for being so kind, giving, and supportive!”

Sarah Stallman



"During the few hours of this masterclass, the emotional connection to my song was changed completely. Ken helped me relate my song to personal experiences and give it significance. I recommend this masterclass to everyone, as it greatly improved and changed the way I sing!"

Dawson Fuss



"Although our daughter has been singing since she could walk, we have been reticent in placing her in any formal training outside of school activities for fear of the effect the industry could have on her childhood.  Ken Stacey’s Master Class changed all of that for us. Although, at 14, she was nervous going in, she came out exuding a joy and confidence we have never seen in her, and regarding her joy for singing before.  Instead of trying to change anything about our child, Ken had a way of finding the gemstones within her organic talent and celebrating all that makes her unique without trying to carve her into an existing mold.  Enrolling her in Ken’s Master Class was without question, one of the healthiest and most productive decisions we have ever made for our child.!"

Micaela Bensko

Ready For The World Master Class

October 12th 2019

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