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It will be mandatory to reach beyond your current limitations (real or imaginary) and seek new shores while being courageous enough to loose sight of the shore you left behind!  More than anything, success is not a place but a clear and determined way of being in the world.  I designed The Master Class around my 35 plus years of experience and the wisdom of others that I admire and am inspired by in my industry and my life!  We are all full of limitless potential!  One day, one step and one breath at a time, we reach, we learn, we grow.  Grammy’s, world tours, hit records…these are just the by-product of a way of living and relating to the world and people around us!  In that respect, The Master Class is really life it’s self and all the ways the Universe is waiting to blow your mind and exceed your expectations…you just half to meet it half way, pull your weight and be an active participant!

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