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"Great lesson, very inspiring!  Can't wait to put all this valuable information to use when we start touring...Ken knows what a singer needs, and has all the energy and sensitivity needed to make you feel good enough to break out of old restrictive habits.  I sang for hours after the lesson and will be back for sure!"

                                         Oystein Greni

                                     Bigbang, (Norway)

Quizz Swanigan

Vocal & Performance Coaching Client

2016 & 2017


"I’ll always be grateful to you for believing in me, my talent, and playing such a significant role in one of the most thrilling and educational experiences of my life. Thank you for all of your guidance and support!!"

                                         Julie Zorilla

                         American Idol Season 10 Top 12

"Ken Stacey is brilliant.  My entire life, I've struggled with vocal technique, and vocal weakness.  I just never understood what I was doing wrong, and was consistantly frustrated by working really hard to improve, but not getting the results I wanted...I even quit trying, assuming singing just wasn't something I could do well.  Ken was the first vocal coach that helped me to FINALLY understand my vocal problems, and show me how to fix them!  At long last, my voice is getting stronger and I can hear the results from my consistant practice.  I am no longer tentative to claim the title "SINGER"!"

                              Victoria Theodore, pianist                                     AND singer!

                              (Stevie Wonder, Arsenio)


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"Ken completely developed the technique of how I thought about and treated my voice.  He has you look at the details in order to find a way for you to relax into the big picture of your voice.  Furthermore, Ken is the kind of person you want in your life and on your team.  I am so grateful for him as my vocal coach and as my friend and mentor."

                                                 Alexis Wilkins

"I'd say Las Vegas Week was the week I discovered I could sing higher...Ken Stacey, one of the (American Idol) vocal coaches got it out of me!"

                                         Scotty McCreery

                        American Idol Season 10 Winner

"I wish I would have found Ken a long time ago but happy to have him in my corner now. Don't let his kind and gentle demeanor fool you; he is a true Jedi master of the voice and can slay you with one diaphragmatic exhale. Thanks for helping me save, maintain and strengthen my voice Ken!"

                                        Joe Marson


"Ken is the most amazing vocal coach and mentor.  The vocal techniques Ken has shared with me are priceless. Ken has been training me for just over a year and a half and I plan to continue to study with him for many years. Ken's practical experience as a professional singer enables him to share with me what it takes to be successful in the music industry. "

                                             Chris Bones

"Ken Stacey is an amazing vocal coach..... My voice when I first started had a lot of affect and it wasn't my true tone... I would now say my voice has improved so much that he has helped me reached new heights and find my true, one and only voice. He is an amazing vocal coach and also an amazing person! If your serious with singing defiantly check Ken Stacey out! ;) :)"

                                                                Kerri Medders


"Ken Stacey is an amazing vocal coach.  He coaches our daughter Kerri Medders and he has taught her to expand her vocal range to the beautiful voice she has today and keeps helping her reach new heights with her singing voice.  He is one in a Million!!  We would recommend him to anyone serious about becoming a singer with his knowledge, technique and experiences! "

                                                Terry & Jeannie Medders


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