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“This was one of the best master classes we have had! 


A great balance between advice, counsel,  info and performance coaching.  The addition of “going deep into themselves” via breathing, mindfulness and meditation to help each student find his/her most authentic and powerful self and performance was really appreciated and supported what we teach here at LACM.  WELL DONE, Ken!”


David Joyce, Vocal Department Chair - LACM Vocal Program



"Ken Stacey

is the Best Fu#@ing

vocal arranger there is!"


Davey Johnstone,  Guitarist and Musical Director for Sir Elton John:


"Ken Stacey is a singer's singer : by that I mean he is highly respected by other singers here in LA and in fact globally.  The care with which he approaches each project, demo or high profile show, is indeed commendable and quite often awe inspiring! I've known Ken for 20 years or so and after several projects, realized this guy could sing ANYTHING, and with grace and humility thrown into the mix you won't find a better fit. I invited Ken to sing back up with us on Elton John's live shows, and being a very competent guitar player also, I gave him quite a workload which he handled beautifully.  A couple of months ago, Elton and our band were doing some tracks at the legendary Village studios, and we needed backgrounds - gospel, rock...the whole deal. I suggested to Elton that we use Ken...Elton knows Ken well, and was suitably blown away with what transpired from these sessions. Ken's ideas and willingness to collaborate with other musicians make him my first choice in this highly competitive field. It doesn't hurt that his talents run to being a killer pop producer! I'll be back in the studio with EJ soon so he may be busy thru Spring! Leave a message - he always gets back to you whether it's a charity gig or a well paid session!

Love & Peace"



Kelly Moneymaker - Singer, Songwriter, Creative Media Producer:




I fully agree & endorse your expertise as a singer, performer, mentor, teacher & inspiration! Keep shining your light & sharing your wisdom, Ken! 💫



Laura Pallas - Pallas Management Group:


"I have watched carefully as you have worked with a range of my clients, and I can honeslty say having watched many vocal coaches and vocal producers through the 35 years I have spent in the entertainment industry - you by far are one of the most gifted I have seen!  It is rare to see someone have the ability to reach talent in the way you do - not only do you help the kids find their true voice, but you help build their confidence to another level. You work with them spiritually and emotionally and when sharing your experience, you help them feel they are as tall if not taller than you - this is an art Ken Stacey...thank you!"



Sean Holt - Assistant Professor/USC Popular Music Program - Musical Director/Arsenio - Associate MD/Lopez Tonight;


"What if one could find a voice coach with a superior knowledge of the instrument, technique and styles, who also possesses years of performance experience with the most notable icons of this industry.  Who furthermore, simultaneously imparts ageless wisdom and nurturing guidance through the coaching of the human spirit. 


One can... 

In one man...Ken Stacey"  



Mike Campbell (Vocal Dept Head/Musician's Institute, Hollywood CA) - Singer/Vocal Teacher - SAG-AFTRA                                 


"As the Vocal Department Chair at Musicians Institute, I had the pleasure of having Ken on my faculty for eight years until he left to tour the world with Sir Elton John.Ken is a very passionate and brilliant teacher.  In his own right, he is an incredible singer/songwriter and performer.  When my daughter began pursueing her vocal career after graduating college, Ken was the first person I recommended she contact to compile her vocal reel.  He communicated beautifuly with her and was amazingly supportive and intuitive.  His vast experience with Elton John, Michael Jackson, Ambrosia and his work on American Idol as a vocal coach has given him the extraordinary insight necessary to bring out individual and unique qualities of each artist. I recommend Ken because I believe he is a great vocal teacher, mentor and producer.  He is a person for whom I have great respect and love."



VIP School of Music - El Cajon, CA:


"Ken Stacey is a remarkable talent!  Not only are his vocal abilities mind blowing, but his ability to teach is as equally mezmerizing.  Ken has such and intuitive way of approaching each student, and was able to pinpoint exactly what their needs were instantly.  Every student walked away with a greater understanding of their voice, and showed immediate growth both during and after the masterclass.  What a fantastic, life changing opporunity for these young vocalists! Thank you Ken!"



Beth Rhode - Music Director - Coast Music Conservatory:


"Ken Stacey is an incredible vocal coach who is committed to helping his clients reach their greates potential.  He is excellent at determining exactly what singers need in order to advance, and he is creative in his methods and approach.  I have seen singers make remarkable progress with Ken's help.  Ken Stacey is truly the Los Angeles Music Industry's "Best Kept Secret"!


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