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Balance is the key and so elusive!  Are you getting enough rest?  Are you eating well?  What is your trainging regimine?  Do you give yourself time for social and family relationships?  Are you seeking opportunities to make professional connections?  Do you have an exercise program?  Are you actively seeking advise from mentors and others who have made the professional creative journey before you?  Self Care is a multilayered discipline addressing physical health, emotional stabilty, spiritual enrichement, professional and personal connection.  On airplanes, they always tell you that in case of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first then attend the needs of those around you.  Nothing could be more accurate and true in your creative professional life!  You cannot give what you don't have!  The more you invest in you, the more you have to offer to the world.  Self Care with the intention of a generous spirit is a powerful and effective way of building and maintaining a state of readiness for what ever twists and turns come on your journey!


Steps to greater self care:


-Use a calendar/scheduler

-Pay attention to what different foods and beverages do to you

-Be aware of silent GURD!

-Learn how to "switch off" and allow for physical and mental rest

-Practice the concepst of Self-Discipline regularly 

-Practive Mindfullness to increase focus and the ability to relax

-Keep an open mind and don't resist change when it is necessary, and it often is!


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