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The audience hears all of this without conscious recognition…it shows up in goose bumps, tears, cheers, admiration, respect and inspiration.  Mastery has a richness, a depth, a compelling call to listen on the deepest level, not from the head but the soul!  It brims with wisdom and authenticity.  It has scars and a crooked smile from years of survival and relentless struggle to thrive, evolve and illuminate!  


Mastery is seldom heard and never forgotten!

The Keys To The Kingdom:


Technique: Support, Open, Upfront, Forward...without a mastery of these technical concepts, the voice will never operate at it's fullest potential!


Tone: The richness, fullness and enviting sound of a fully developed voice is irresistable and will stand the test of time, transending genre's and generations!


Intention:  The unification of Mind, Body and Spirit are essential to a masterrful sound and performance.  The power of our Intention makes this possible and even leaves space for something new and unrehearsed to happen...inspired creativity that elevates the artist to another level where the artist is responding beyond all preparation to the enviroment and moment of the performance, lending to the magic of Greatness and endless potential!

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