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YOUR STORY IS MY STORY:  None of us is so unique that we do not share in the grand tapestry of the human journey.  Yet each of us brings our own personal perspective to the stories of the ages.  Great artists understand and embrace this truth.  They are undaunted in their commitment to re-telling our stories in some new way we have yet to hear.  This is a craft that requires absolute devotion and determination!  An exploration of ourselves and of humanity!


SPEAK TO WHAT YOU KNOW:  Find those things that most resonate with you, that are most authentic to your experience, interest and passion.  Your audience will hang on every word, every note and every chord when you are authentic and tireless in sharing your Truth!



Wether on stage or in the studio,  when you are behind the mic, you have a responsibilty to take full ownership of your physical, emotional and spiritual power and deliver to the best of your abilty the energy to move a live audience or lay down a recording rich with intention, tone and emotion!  






Keys to a compelling performance:


-Tone! Tone! Tone!

-Feel! Feel! Feel!

-Physical and expressive choices that support your emotional intention!

-An open heart and mind...let the audience/room inspire you!

-BE FEARLESS AND COURAGEOUS...the world needs/wants your permission to do the       same!

-Remain In The Moment...don't let anything or anyone distract you!

-Embody the Energy Of The Day...Happy? Sad? Angry? Tired? Joyful?  USE IT!



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