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As simple and perhaps obvious as this may sound, finding one's own unique sound is surprisingly challenging and often the road less traveled!  Yet, that is precisely and all too infrequently what breaks through the din of interchangeable pop artists and the endless parade of YouTube offerings...something new, refreshing and HONEST!  There is only one you in this world and it goes without saying, developing the full potential of the voice contained in your body, mind and spirit is the singular path to being authentic and unique!  The difficulty comes when insecure, uncertain and inexperienced aspiring creatives have to face the reality that sounding like someone who is already famous is the easy way of

grabbing the low hanging fruit of comparison 

and the ego strokes that come with being a

good parrot!  The real journey is not taking 

any short cuts on the road of

self-discovery, embracing the necessary

discipline, rituals and sacrifices, and above

all, leaning into courage as you find out

just how brave you really are!

15 MIN OF FAME VS A LIFETIME CAREER True talent is not a gimic!  It requires the greatest amount of effort and devotion.  And the truest talent you posesses comes from your most fully developed and authentic self!  On the long journey of a music career you will need the stamina, refined talent and courage only possessed by those who have earned it!



You will always be most vulnerable when you are truly being YOU!  And, you will always embody your greatest powers when you are truly vulnerable!  The art of finding, developing and honoring your unique voice REQUIRES that you become comfortable living, creating and expressing through vulnerabilty which in turn demands the development of Self-Acceptance!


MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL:  You are not, nor will you ever be perfect!  Perfect is an ideal that has crippled more creatives than any other mis-perception on why we are here.  It is not possible to be anyting else than who you are, yet denial of your authentic self is a sure fire way of escaping the responsibility that comes with commiting to the expression of your true self!  Fear of failure, fear of success, living out the stories that others have put upon us, when it is the story we choose for ourselves that is real, that is potent, that is undeniable!



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