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I DIDN'T SEE IT COMINGOpportunity is a semi-truck t-boning you at an intersection in your life and career.  The capacity for self-awareness and reflection along with an over riding sense of purpose is your seatbelt!


SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?:  If  it really is all about the journey, somewhere along the way you will have to choose to stay or go!  Actually, odds are you will have to make that decision far more than once!  Fine tuning one's ability to access your current location on the path of a career is vital to determining wether to stay the current course or make a graceful exit to some new opportunity.  Will your choices always be the correct one's?  That depends on your perspective as well as how you choose to move through each of these decisions regardless of the outcome!  Will you dust off and jump back in the saddle or will you lose your way in the disappoinment and uncertainty?  The choice is yours!






The industry changes and you must re-tool!  Your record or publishing deal gets dropped...what now?  The tour you were on wraps up or the aritst decides to clean house and bring out a new band, or decides to take a break or retire?  The series you were scoring gets cancelled or the theme for the hit show you sang on providing all that mailbox money and union health insurance is being replaced!  Just when you thought your career was on cruise control and you had it all figured out...that's when it will happen...LIFE...CHANGE...THE UNPREDICTABLE!  And sometimes the seismic shift will not be from some outside source, but YOU!  If you are in this business for the long haul, get ready to experience that classic statement: "It's not the destination, but the journey!"  And what a journey it can be as you come to realize there will be many "arrivals"  and "peaks" as well as many "departures" and "valleys"!

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