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A purpose driven career lends it's self to deeper saticfaction, greater longevity, more clarity as to the right actions to take, less compromise and is fueled by more than just self serving desires!  Knowing your WHY and using it to drive the purpose of your career will be more inspiring to others, attract and sustain greater loyalty by your peers and fans, create a greater and more comprehensive vision of your goals and in the end make your accomplishments far more rewarding and meaningful!  In otherwords, the more your success leads to the success of others, the more others will want to support and reward your success!  


Figuring out your WHY could take time, but it is time well spent in self exploration, examination of your place in the world and how you would like your creative life and career to impact the world around you!  Understanding your WHY will clarify choices, focus direction and infuse greater meaning into your professional musical journey.  I have often found that during some of the most difficult moments in my career, when I refocus on my WHY, the essential purpose of WHAT I do, the anxieties and difficulties of the moment dramatically lessen and keep my challenges right sized and manageable!


The abilty to know and articulate your WHY makes WHAT you do far more attractive to GATE KEEPERS!  It inpires them and gives them greater confidence that you are worth the risk of investing their time, energy, reputation and good will in their business community in you!


No matter how talented you are in WHAT you do, it is your WHY that will lead to more and greater opportunities.  So know WHY you do WHAT you do, or start figuring out!


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