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How often do you practice?  Are you voratious in your appetite for new information?  Do you record your rehearsals and do you analyze them?  

HAVE I PRACTICED ENOUGH?  If you are asking yourself this question, then the answer is NO!

REHEARSE LIKE YOU ARE ON STAGE: The more time you spend preparing with the same engergy, delivery, passion and commitment as the show, the greater your ability to manifest a "Repeatable Performance" and space for unpredicatble Magic!

REPEATABLE PERFORMANCE:  One of the most notable qualities of the greats is consistancy!  By defining, building, refining, and mastering a cohesive performance, wether it be a 3 minute song or a 90 minute show, the Artist has created a repeatable story which lends space to spontinaity without the loss of a masterful, memorable and retellable performance!  

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